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Dallas Clinic Offers Free, Virtual Therapy for Storm Victims

Therapists at Anticipate Joy encourage anyone struggling with stress, loss to reach out for help

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The fallout from the winter storm last week has left a lasting impact on millions of North Texans. Many are dealing with property damage, unexpected bills, and another, less obvious concern – stress.

That is why a local clinic is offering free virtual counseling sessions for people who are struggling with the mental health toll the storm has caused.

“We want people to know you don't have to have to have a mental illness to seek therapy,” said Dr. Karla Evans, the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Anticipate Joy in Dallas. “It could just be mental distress or stressors, like what happened last week. And of course, we know those are on varying levels.”

The staff of licensed professional therapists at Anticipate Joy will offer 50 free counseling sessions for people who want to participate. And the organization is also encouraging those who can afford it to donate therapy sessions, which Anticipate Joy will then match with an additional session.

The stress, anxiety, and exhaustion that can develop after a crisis like the winter storm are very real, according to the Anticipate Joy staff, and they can be long-lasting.

“There were many individuals who lost more than their power. They lost loved ones. They lost homes. They lost personal belongings that could never be replaced,” said Doctor Veronica Tetterton, co-founder and COO of Anticipate Joy. “Those things create a sense of grief and loss, and oftentimes those are things people struggle with initially.”

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