Dallas City Photographer Prints From Mid-20th Century Discovered

Today, Dallas is a city full of high-rises, but have you ever wondered what Dallas looked like 40 to 50 years ago?

The City of Dallas stumbled upon a collection of photographs taken by a city photographer which captures Dallas' growth and change during the 20th century.

Dallas City Photographer Prints From Mid-20th Century Discovered

The staff photographer started in the early 1940s and worked through the early 1980s when the position was eliminated during the economic downturn. The position never returned, but what's left is a treasure of iconic photos.

Unfortunately, very few of the photos were dated, so the exact dates the images were captured are not completely clear.

The City of Dallas Historic Preservation Program scanned and posted the images in its Flickr site for all to see CLICK HERE.

You can also check out the staff's Top Five CLICK HERE.

Missing Attachment A rare film, discovered by The Dallas Morning News reporter Robert Wilonsky on eBay, provides a unique look at Dallas in 1939. Click here for more from The Dallas Morning News.
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