Dallas City Councilman Calls For DPS Help to Take on Street Racing

Dallas City Councilman Jaime Resendez saw Dallas' street racing problem up close and personal this week, tagging along with Dallas police on Sunday.

"To witness it first hand was a completely different type of situation," Resendez said.

The first-term city councilman praised Dallas police, but said Sunday night's operation made it clear to him that the understaffed department needs outside help confronting street racing.

"I could see myself that the calls were backing up, that the calls at various levels of priority were backing up and those calls need to be answered, too," he said. "I'm supportive of DPS being involved, specifically for this issue, the street racing."

This summer, Department of Public Safety Troopers assisted Dallas police amid a wave of violent crime not seen for decades. The move, which resulted in hundreds of arrests, received mixed reviews from community members who felt they were at times being over policed. 

But Resendez says any DPS involvement would be different this time, focusing entirely on street racing.

"The frustration level is at a 10," Resendez said. "I think if we don't get on top of it, if we don't keep focusing on it, someone is bound to get injured."

According to DPD, the operation Sunday night resulted in four arrests and the seizure of drugs and guns.

Resendez says he has spoken with Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall, who he says is "supportive" of the idea of using DPS Troopers to combat street racing.

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