Noelle Walker

Dallas City Council to Decide on Repairs for Iconic Margaret McDermott Bridge

The solution would cost over $7 million and take three years to complete

The Dallas City Council will vote Wednesday on a plan to fix the hike and bike portion of the Margaret McDermott Bridge.

Safety concerns with the system of cables, rods and anchors supporting the hike and path paths have kept the $100 million bridge closed to pedestrians.

Repairs would cost $7,091,013 and is estimated to take 34 months to complete testing, fabrication and installation.

The problems were known in 2016 when three rods that hold the cables cracked. The hike and bike paths on both sides of the bridge are barricaded from use, though on one side, those barricades have been tossed over the side of the bridge. 

"Anytime I think you create these iconic type bridges, kind of custom-made, first-time, that's really never been replicated before, I think you run into challenges like this," committee vice chair Rickey Callahan said.

The cost and schedule information, if approved, would then be sent to the Texas Department of Transportation for inclusion in a construction contract.

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