Dallas City Council Members Get Ride in Ice

City spokesman says transportation costs added up to $28.33

Dallas gave some City Council members rides to work Wednesday.

City spokesman Frank Librio confirmed that four members were picked up and taken to a council briefing, two of whom were also dropped off after the meeting.

"The city manager provided transportation to City Council members this morning to ensure that city business scheduled for today was conducted with the necessary quorum, " he said.

Librio said the rides cost $28.33, based on the 55 miles the city manager drove to pick up and drop off members.

Tennell Atkins, Vonciel Jones Hill, Delia Jasso, Dwaine Caraway were picked up and taken to the briefing. Atkins and Hill also received rides home. The other council members used other forms of transportation.

Librio said the city manager decided to send transportation because the "cost to reschedule today's briefings would have far exceeded the cost of providing transportation. "

The briefings discussed the mayor's Youth Fitness Initiative, community development block grant extensions and reprogramming and a proposed plan to address abandoned shopping carts.

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