Dallas Changes Bulk Trash and Brush Schedule to Tackle Storm Debris

Strong wind gusts from June storms knocked down power lines and mangled trees across Dallas

Residents in Dallas are asked to do their part to help the city clear the unprecedented amount of storm debris city crews need to pick up.

The City of Dallas is asking residents to limit bush and bulk trash set-outs to storm debris for the remainder of June and brush and bulk trash service will be suspended in July so that crews can focus on storm debris, which will be the only thing collected in July.

Not only will storm debris be the only thing collected in July, the city wants residents to separate their storm debris -- putting tree debris, branches and shrubbery separate from other debris like damaged fence panels or bagged storm debris.

The city says clean tree and green waste may be collected separately and taken to be processed, and separating the debris will help speed up the collection process, so that workers are just picking up, not sorting debris for the entire city.

Code Compliance will not issue citations for storm debris related items, even if they are put out before the regular cycle, but non-storm related items, like furniture, appliances and mattresses are still subject to citation.

Normal bulk and brush pickups and schedules will return to normal in August.

Residents are urged to call 311 to report downed trees, traffic lights and other debris issues.

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