Dallas Center Offering Emotional Wellness Support Program for Women Entrepreneurs

The business center connects women business owners with experts such as psychologists and emotional wellness doctors

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As more and more women juggle being business owners and busy moms during the coronavirus pandemic, an emotional wellness program is providing support to female entrepreneurs. 

Tracee Holloway is managing a lot these days — 4 kids, a consulting business and a family-owned business. 

“Our businesses definitely felt that impact initially when we first had the issue with the shutdown,” Holloway said.

Holloway joined the emotional wellness program provided by the Dallas LiftFund Women’s Business Center.

“The COVID-19 resiliency business program is specifically designed for those female entrepreneurs who are experiencing economic and financial challenges due to the pandemic,” LiftFund spokeswoman Martha Zurita said.

The business center connects women business owners with experts such as psychologist Dr. Lawana Gladney who leads group coaching sessions and webinars.

“We are in the midst of a health pandemic and, if you are not healthy, then you can be more subject to getting the virus, because stress decreases your immune system,” Gladney said.

Tracee said the program has helped her get some extra tools in her belt to stay focused.

“If we are not in an emotionally well place or we are stressed out, super anxious about how do we pivot, how do we re-calibrate, then we are less functional," Holloway said.

The program has helped more than 200 women business owners.

To qualify for the free program, business owners must meet certain criteria, including having their business close or suffer a loss in revenue of 15% or more.

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