Dallas Cat Burglar on the Prowl

A cat burglar that has been targeting homeowners around White Rock Lake since March appears to have struck again.

A Lake Highlands family of four awoke Thursday morning to find its car and many of its electronics gone.

The family slept through the entire burglary. Dale Garrison, his wife and their two adult children were asleep in rooms in different parts of the home on Candlebrook Drive. None of them heard a peep as a burglar crept in through an unlocked back door and went through at least three rooms, stealing two iPads, a flat-screen TV and a car.

According to Dallas police, there has been more than a dozen such break-ins around Lake Highlands since March.

The cat burglaries are always at night, while the homeowners are asleep.

Most of the neighborhoods in the area have active crime watch volunteers that patrol and surveillance cameras.

Dale Garrison said the burglar is bold.

“Any of us could have woken up and come out of our rooms, so I am thinking they were probably armed, and that's just scary,” he said.

Police say cat burglars tend to like the thrill of knowing some is home while they commit the crime.

Detectives were able to lift a fingerprint from the Garrison house but are not confident it is the clue they need to crack this case.

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