Dallas Cakery to be Featured on Upcoming Netflix Show

A Dallas cakery is about to hit the big screen as the two owners take on the ultimate baking challenge on the popular Netflix show 'Sugar Rush.'

Baking has always been a hobby for Ashton Snyder since he was in high school. Ashton loved the idea of cooking and using it to make art. He would experiment with different flavors, then let his family members and classmates be the taste testers.

Fast-forward a few years, and Ashton is now full steam ahead with his business Sugar Daddy's Cakery, based in Dallas.

Sugar Daddy's Cakery

Ashton, along side his business partner Lio Botello, have brought the business to life, making everything from specialty cakes to cake pops, cupcakes and even pies. Ashton is hands on with most of the baking, while Lio helps out as needed. Lio is also very crafty and can makes custom designed cake toppers or decorations to make the desserts look fabulous!

One of the most eye-catching cakes you will see when scrolling through the Sugar Daddy's Instagram page are the geode cakes. These cakes are carved out by hand then built to replicate a geode rock. 

Ashton Snyder and Lio Botello, owners of Sugar Daddy's Cakery in Dallas, shared this exclusive behind the scenes clip with NBC 5 showing the two as they walked onto set for the Netflix show 'Sugar Rush.' The cakery's episode will premier on Friday, July 26.

"You can take one big crevice out. A smaller crevice here, one over there. Then you incorporate your crystals and you can color it to the desired color pallet, and of course some other little bakery additives that are my secret," said Ashton.

Sugar Daddy's Cakery

Another one of the most memorable cakes for the pair was an armadillo cake that was a standout at the party.

"People said that it looked like it was about to walk right off the cake-board, which was pretty awesome," said Ashton.

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For now, the cakery does not have a storefront, but instead manages all of the orders out of their apartment. 

"We bake almost everything out of here. When we were picking out our apartment, we picked it based on the size of the kitchen," said Lio.

When a large order comes in, (like a 4th of July party for Alyssa Edwards) Ashton and Lio have found a nearby large commercial kitchen that they can rent out for the day.

Sugar Daddy's Cakery

Ashton hopes to have a small commercial space open for the cakery by next summer.

When asked about catering to the LGBTQ community, Ashton and Lio mentioned that their bakery is open to everyone and it is an open and inviting space for all people, but they are excited about being able to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ community.

"We've all heard about the issues about bakeries turning away gay couples for wedding cakes..  so for me, it would mean letting the community know that there is a safe space bakery here in Dallas," said Ashton. 

Jay Fuertez

The pair says the best way to order your next cake from them is to reach out via social media or you can email ashton@sugardaddyscakery.com.

The Sugar Daddy's Cakery will appear on the show 'Sugar Rush' on Friday July 26 on Netflix.

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