Dallas Business Owners Work Together to Lower Property Crime

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The most recent city of Dallas crime data shows a rise in crime categories that frequently impact businesses. Burglary, robbery and theft were all up compared to this time in 2019 – 8.5%, 28% and 3.5% respectively.

“We don’t feel comfortable anymore," said Vangely Rodriguez, whose business has been hit twice in recent months. "We are scared that when we close the building someone is waiting for me to leave so they can steal."

Rodriguez has worked with other area business owners and the Dallas Police Department to increase awareness and information sharing in hopes of lowering crime numbers.

“Historically, there has been a language barrier and that is where we come in as the (DPD) ‘Unidos team,'" said Victor Guardiola with the Dallas Police Department. "We speak the language so we relate with them and are able to build trust and get these crimes reported because often times they aren’t."

Rodriguez said he has been pleased with the responsiveness of the Dallas Police Department but still worried about his business and property at night.

“When you come to the place and realize the vehicle is not here you feel really sad you know,” he said.

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