Dallas Business Owners Call on City to Stop Street Racers

Some business owners along Alder Circle in Northeast Dallas are fed up with street racers there, and want the city to install speed bumps to stop them.

"This is almost like the racetrack," said Richard Collier, who owns one of the businesses along short street in the light industrial neighborhood.

"I mean, it's like a real racetrack," Collier added. "They set it up, come out here with lights like street outlaws, and come out here and race every weekend. And then when we try to run them off, they threaten us."

Collier used his cellphone to record the races Friday night, and his surveillance cameras caught some of the action, too.

"Really, all we want is a couple speed bumps to solve the whole thing," Collier said. "I mean, it's just gotten to a do-or-die situation where someone's going to get hurt."

Other business owners along the street are fed up with the trash and break-ins.

"Police can come right now and they will be gone, and they will come back an hour later. So speed bumps will be probably the best solution at this point," said another business owner, Walter Donati.

Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough represents the district, and says the city is looking for a solution.

A representative from the city attorney's office plans to meet with Collier and another business owner on Tuesday.

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