Dallas Blood Stem Cell Registration Drive Held for Boy Battling Cancer

Dak Lopez's family is hoping to find a potential stem cell donor to save his life

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Dozens of people turned up Sunday to support a young boy battling cancer.

At first glance, Dak Lopez looks like a typical 4-year-old.

“He’s full of life, full of energy. He loves being at the beach. He loves being outdoors. So fishing is his thing,” said Dak’s dad, Adam Lopez.

Lopez said his son was diagnosed with cancer in April and has already undergone one round of chemotherapy.

“He’s in remission right now. But doctors say, since he has an aggressive form of leukemia, they do expect that he’ll relapse,” said Lopez.

Several people got their cheeks swabbed at an event held at Brother Bill’s Helping hand in Dallas. It was part of a Blood Stem Cell Registration Drive to raise awareness for an urgent need of donors.

DKMS and Brother Bill's Helping Hand partnered together to register people as life-saving donors.

There are fewer minorities in the global donor pool, so it’s harder for Hispanic patients, like Dak, to find a perfect match.

“We’re hoping we can find more matches through this today. And I’m hoping knowing Dak, knowing the kid he is, that would put a big smile on his face,” said Lopez.

He’s named after Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott who sent his family a special shout-out video to lift his spirits.

Dak starts his second round of chemotherapy this week.

If you want to register as a blood stem donor you get more information and order a free swab kit at this link.

Potential registrants for Dak can be anyone in good health (especially members of the Hispanic community) between the ages of 18-55.

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