Dallas' ‘Beer Babe' Lands Drinking Internship

Imagine getting the opportunity to travel the world, make some extra cash, and drink beer at breweries for the whole summer.

Recent SMU graduate and Richardson native Trina-Jo Pardo is living her dream and doing just that. She is one of four people selected out of 7,000 applicants to be a World of Beer “Drink It Intern.”

“Hey, World of Beer, my name is Trina-Jo Pardo, I am a beer drinker, adventure seeker, avocado addict, and beer lover,” Trina-Jo Pardo explained during her audition video.

It was something her friends told her to try out.  

Pardo, already known around town as the “DallasBeerBabe,” didn’t think she would end up being one of only four interns chosen to spend the summer traveling to breweries all over the world!

“I knew that a lot of people were going to apply, I was just happy to be selected as a semi-finalist, and then being narrowed down to become a finalist, it was kind of shocking,” said Pardo.

Pardo was on a mission.

She triple majored in multimedia journalism, political communication and public relations at SMU. But, her love for craft beer began well before her time in college.  

“I would like to thank the U.S. Navy for providing me with the opportunity,” said Pardo.

The Bishop Dunn graduate was in the Navy for five years before heading to SMU for her degrees. During that time she developed a passion for craft beer while stationed in San Diego.

“That’s craft beer mecca, so that kind of really opened my eyes to the craft beer community,” said Pardo.  

A beer-tender at Dallas’ Four Corners, Pardo is now educating people on what’s good and what’s not, using her “DallasBeerBabe” blog along with her other social media channels.

“I started the blog DallasBeerBabe solely as a school project, but it eventually transformed into a passion of mine that I do weekly,” said Pardo.  

And she says she’s catering more towards women, introducing them to the “acquired taste” of craft beers brewed around the world.  

“We get to taste beer, and we get to talk about beer, we get to meet the people who is creating the beer, and who is enjoying the beer,” said Pardo. “So we’re really just kind of encompassing beer and the story of beer.”

“I’m being a journalist. I’m being a beer journalist.”

Pardo will spend three months documenting her beer-soaked travels for World of Beer on its website as well using videos, blog posts, and all of her social media sites.

The goal is to broaden the offerings at World of Beer locations around the country.

You can follow Trina-Jo's blog as she travels to breweries around the world.

Online: https://dallasbeerbabe.com/

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