White Rock Lake

Dallas Bald Eagles Perch at Another Nest After Theirs Fell Near White Rock Lake

Multiple people said they saw the pair of bald eagles perched atop a hawks’ nest across the field from where the old one had been

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The bald eagles’ nest near White Rock Lake is no more, but residents who live near Lake Highlands Park say they haven’t given up hope on the birds yet.

And it seems — for now — that the pair hasn’t given up on the area, either.

Sam Kieschnick, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department urban wildlife biologist, had said there could still be time in the season for the birds to mate and build a new nest.

The young eagle couple’s nest and eggs fell from a cottonwood tree a day earlier after 15 to 30 mph wind gusts were forecast for the area. People had described hearing the birds calling out in confusion and distress afterward.

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