Dallas Artists Transform Damaged Businesses Into Canvases for Healing

Artists are using brushes and paint to create messages of hope

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A week after the downtown Dallas studio of two local sculptors was looted, the plywood boards over the windows are helping a community transform hurt into healing.

The once-bare boards protecting Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin's studio are now covered with paintings — powerful messages by local artists.

A week ago, a group broke into the couple's studio and stole several sculptures following what had been a night of peaceful protest. Coltrin said it was a $6,000 loss for their small business.

“Certainly it hurts us as a small business to be stolen from, and to repair — the cost of all of that," Coltrin said. "This is big. This is a big movement. Change is here and we want to be part of it."

Local artists and friends came out to express their emotions with positive messages painted on the boards that covered windows of Brad Oldham Sculpture.

Photos: Dallas Artists Transform Damaged Businesses into Canvas for Healing

Coltrin said the image of George Floyd makes many stop, take a picture and reflect.

Another piece with a garden blooming was inspired by a pocket sculpture Coltrin created.

“What they’re meant to be are gifts you give people when words fall short," Coltrin said of the small sculptures. "And this is an occasion when words fall short. People don’t know what to say."

She hopes the art encourages more people to find ways to express their feelings maybe even with their own creativity.

Nearby on North Record Street at Tutta’s Pizza friends of owner Jeremy Scott painted plywood that covered the smashed windows.

“We’re going to be doing a few all around. It’s going to be all about showing positivity towards the movement, showing support,” said Dora Reynosa, an artist working on the murals.

They’re using art to show how colorful life can be when we come together.

“There’s no better place for us to be right now," Scott said. "As bad as it is, this is amazing."

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