Dallas Artist Joins Nationwide Effort to End Gun Violence

Artist Chris Bingham is taking part in a campaign by TOMS shoes

A Dallas artist is joining a nationwide effort to end gun violence -- part of a campaign by TOMS shoes -- by painting a mural in the Bishop Arts District.

Chris Bingham, an artist from Oak Cliff, started to paint a mural to promote peace and love on the side of Spiral Diner on Beckley Avenue Saturday. He expected to finish Sunday afternoon.

TOMS, a charity shoe brand founded by Arlington native Blake Mycoskie, has asked artists to help spread the message through their work. TOMS has already donated $5 million to organizations committed to ending gun violence since the mass shooting at a nightclub in Thousand Oaks, California.

"It's important because we need things to happen, we need people to go send postcards to their representatives to let them know that things aren't the way they need to be," Bingham said. "We need to see change, because gun violence is a problem in our country."

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