Dallas Arboretum Drops Prices to Draw Visitors in August

While everyone else's yard may be turning brown, the gardens of the Dallas Arboretum are lush and attendance is steady despite the triple-digit heat.

For the month of August, admission at the Dallas Arboretum is just $1.

"There's a lot going on," said Dave Forehand, Vice President of Gardens. "We are still gorgeous."

Forehand says that's due to plant selection.

Gardeners test small batches of new plants every year to determine if they will hold up in the North Texas heat. If the plants survive, they get a special designation and may pop up in the gardens the following year.

We found many people taking advantage of the early morning hours in the garden.

"Even though it's hot, you can't stay indoors all the time, ya know? You can't be trapped you still have to get out and do stuff," said visitor Jin Chong.

Jordan Henry drove from Plano to bring her daughter Charlotte for the low admission price.

"If you come early in the day, it's really not that bad," said Henry. "The water features cool you down and it's just something different to do with your kid."

Along with admission, drinks are $1 and root beer floats and hot dogs are $2 for the month.

During the warm months, little kids in their swimsuits can enjoy the 8,000 square feet of misters and fountains inside the Fern Garden and the Children's Garden Plaza.

"I have a trick. I always stay in the shade. I know how to walk through the entire arboretum and never have the sun hit me," said Forehand. "Staying cool and staying hydrated is the main thing."

While the warm days may still be here for a while, autumn is coming.

The first pumpkins will arrive at the Dallas Arboretum in three weeks.

For a look at the plants the have been tested in the North Texas heat, visit dallasplanttrials.org.

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