Call Levels Drop, Improvements Made at Dallas 911 Call Center

Funeral services will be held on Monday for a child whose death may be connected to a 911 crisis in Dallas.

Brandon Alex died last week in Dallas after his babysitter’s call for help was put on hold.

Since then, changes have been implemented to the city’s 911 system.

And on Sunday, those changes appear to be making a difference.

The City of Dallas announced two major improvements this weekend.

The number of calls to 911 has gone down after spiking earlier this month, and they're being answered quickly.

In an effort to fix a 911 system plagued abandoned calls and long waits, the city added a dozen call takers at their 911 Center.

According to the city, T-Mobile also made network enhancements.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said on Friday that this weekend would be the first of many tests to come.

"Saturday nights have more 911 calls," he said. "Let's see how we get through Saturday night, and to your point we've got to look at it over a series of Saturday night's and say this problem's not going to come back."

The mayor also said last week that calls for help should be answered within 10 seconds.

The vast majority of calls made on Friday and Saturday were answered within that industry standard, according to city’s spokesperson.

NBC 5 found that during the busy 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift on Friday, there were nearly 2,700 911 calls made.

The city says 87 percent of those calls were answered within 10 seconds.

Then on Saturday, there were just more than 2,500 calls to 911 during the same evening shift.

According to the city, 91 percent were answered within 10 seconds.

Two previous evening shifts in March saw a spike in calls and are linked to two deaths in Dallas.

On March 6, Brian Cross suffered a stroke. His husband’s call to 911 was placed on hold. During that evening, there were 4,800 calls made to 911.

And on March 11, infant Brandon Alex passed out at home and his babysitter's call to 911 was also placed on hold.

On that evening, there were 5,300 calls made to 911.

Average weekend shifts see around 2,800 calls.

While this weekend saw the number of calls come back down to average levels, the real test may come if and when the number of calls spike once again.

The mayor says the city is looking into even bigger upgrades to their 911 center.

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