Dak Prescott’s Great-Aunt Talks About His Love of Olives

Lucy Dosher wasn't always a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

But she has always been a huge Dak Prescott fan.

Dosher is Prescott's great-aunt. She lived most of her life just 15 miles away from where her great-nephew grew up in Haughton, Louisiana. Now, she lives in Arlington, just a few miles from where he is the quarterback for America's Team.

"He's still the same little boy that used to come to my back door," Dosher recalled. "He would come in the back door and say, 'Aunt Sis, do you have any olives?' And he would eat the whole can."

Prescott's jerseys may have changed over the years, but that one thing apparently stays the same.

Anytime family gets together, Dosher always sends Prescott a can of olives.

When he was still playing for Mississippi State, his fourth-cousin, 12-year-old Ross Dosher, had the honors of hand-delivering the goods.

"I handed him a can of olives, that was my moment of glory with him, my moment with Dak," Ross said, laughing. There's even a blurry photo of the two to prove it.

Dosher remembers going to Prescott's middle school and high school games, the potential clear even then.

"We didn't anticipate he would become famous, we just knew he was a good football player," she said. "I'm proud of him, I love him, and I wish he would come see me."

Lucy turns 97 years old on Wednesday – might be a good time for a visit.

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