Daily Police Blotter

Here's a daily list of recent activities drawing the attention of North Texas law enforcement. List compiled on June 26, 2009.
Car Collides with Ambulance in Dallas
Dallas Police are trying to figure out why a car collided with an ambulance Friday morning in Dallas. The ambulance was going through the intersection of Lancaster Road and Ledbetter at about 3 a.m. when a car broadsided it, police said.  The driver of the car was hospitalized, but the ambulance crew was not hurt.
Plano Police Investigate Double Robbery

A double robbery occurred Friday morning at a Wells Fargo bank in the 1400 block of Central Expressway, Plano police said.  The first robbery was reported at about 10:30 a.m., then about 45 minutes later, a second robbery took place at a Texas Credit Union in the 100 block of West Spring Creek Parkway. That is just a few miles north of the first robbery.  In both cases, the robbers were wearing ski masks and forced customers and employees to the back of the business then demanded money before fleeing on foot, Plano police said.  Both banks were located in shopping centers and the robbers ran by several businesses and across parking lots in order to escape the scene.  Investigators are hoping witnesses from both shopping centers will be able to provide more details about the robbers and whether they eventually got into a vehicle.
Men Busted After Receiving Weed in the Mail

Two men were arrested Thursday after police intercepted 13 pounds of marijuana that was to be delivered via mail to an address in Aubrey, Denton police said.  Narcotics investigators received a tip that the package was being sent from out of state, via a commercial mail courier service.  A drug detection canine at the shipping center confirmed that the package was indeed marijuana. The investigators picked up the marijuana package and later that evening responded to the address in Aubrey dressed as mail delivery drivers.  When the residents, Benito Juarez, 29, and Rigoberto Berrones, 35, opened the door they confirmed that they were expecting the package.  Both men were charged with possession of marijuana. 

Dallas Police Play Prowling Car Burglars
Dallas police are playing the role of would be thieves to prove a point after a rash of Uptown Dallas car burglaries this month. Detectives took to the streets photographing the cars of potential victims. They snapped dozens of pictures revealing valuables left inside vehicles across the Uptown area. “Many times people leave stuff in the car and the car unlocked,” said Lt. Richard Dwyer.  Click here to read this story on NBCDFW.com.

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