Cyclists Welcome Bill That Gives Them Some Space

Measure would allow road users who aren't in vehicles to tell drivers to move over

Cyclists in Texas are keeping an eye on a bill sitting on Gov. Rick Perry's desk.

Senate Bill 488 would force drivers to give "vulnerable road users" space when passing. Drivers would have to move over three feet, and commercial vehicles would need to scoot over six feet while passing.

Perry broke his collarbone in a biking accident near his home Tuesday night, but his campaign spokesman said the incident wouldn't sway the governor one way or another.

Violators could face bruising fines. Any driver coming too close could get a $500 ticket. Drivers injuring a cyclist could face a $2,000 fine.

Erin Clardy rides around White Rock lake with her friends, and some paths merge with busy roads. She said she usually avoids all areas with cars.

"Not on the main roads -- I'll ride around neighborhoods, just because they're a little safer," Clardy said.

Hollie Inwood rides her bicycle around White Rock Lake, and admits she's had some close calls with cars while on two wheels. Now, she looks over her shoulder when on the road.

"The last couple of years, I've tried to find other places I could ride to keep off the streets," she said. "I've almost gotten blown off a couple times, and it's not a fun place to be."

While cyclists are speaking out, the bill is not just for them. The text of the bill said the safety halo also applies to skaters, walkers, runners, people on horses, people who are broken down on the side of the road and even scooter riders.

To read the text of the bill, click here.

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