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Cyber Monday and Black Friday Spending Break Records

The numbers are out and Cyber Monday was a good day for businesses across the country turning it into the largest online shopping day in history.

Adobe Analytics tracks this information and had been telling us it expected a big day and they were right.

It says consumers spent more than $6.59 Billion online Monday.

That's about $1-Billion more than last year.

Adobe tells NBC 5 it was also the first $2 Billion day for mobile devices.

Analysts say mobile shopping was dominant in both the morning and afternoon. That's a change from the recent past when we used to do most of our shopping during the work day on the company's computers that had fast connections. But now, we get that speed everywhere. 

Adobe says shoppers used desktop computers the most Monday night after everyone got home from work.

This Holiday season, which started November 1st, has brought in $50 Billion in online shopping revenue, a nearly 20% jump year-to-year.

Adobe says the top-selling items on Cyber Monday included the Nintendo Switch, Playstations and Hatchimals.

Finally, Adobe says TV's were the most discounted item on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some eye-popping figures from Cyber Monday that bode well for North Texas businesses.

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