Curbside Recycling Just Got a Little Easier in Burleson

On Monday, the Burleson City Council approved an amendment to allow residents to use translucent blue plastic bags to dispose of their recycling.

The agreed amendment said the bags cannot be less than 33 gallons in size and residents are being asked to not put more than 35 pounds of waste into the bags.

According to the city, the bags can be purchased at local retail stores.

The city already has residents using green bins for the items they wish to recycle. Residents who use the blue bags are asked to place the them on the curb by 7 a.m. on your recycling day, along with your recycling bin. 

Residents have also been asked to clearly separate both the bins and blue bags from the regular trash.

According to the city, a resident asked if the blue bags could be used to collect the recyclables and Community Waste Disposal agreed to collect the bags.

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