Croatian Village Comes to Collin County

Mediterranean living in Collin County.

North Texas gets kudos for having affordable housing, but also gets criticized because the homes in many subdivisions lack variety.

That's not the case in McKinney. Adriatica is a new community designed to have the look and feel of a Croatian village by the sea.

"It has character. Its personality is different than other's, almost like cookie cutter houses," said Croatian native Vesna Solano.

Homes vary from mansions to flats and businesses are within walking distance.

Adriatica has a bell tower that is an exact replica of the one in Supetar,Croatia.

The developer even preserved parts of Croatian buildings nearly destroyed in the war.

"Everything is real. All the stone is really carved, all the buildings are really stone, there's no fake material in the whole project," said developer Jeff Blackard.

Adriatica, off Virginia Parkway, is still not completed. A hotel and market are coming soon.

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