Critter Control Can Save Your Home

022609 Racoon P11
NBC News

Even though they seem harmless, raccoons, rats and squirrels can wreck your home.

Matt Evans, of "A Wildlife Pro" Animal Control, said such critters are always trying to get into homes.

"They're really good jumpers, along with being good climbers," he said. "They'll simply just jump. Animals are always working on our houses. They always are. They're always trying to find a way in."

Evans said most people only find out they have a critter problem when they get their home inspected before a sale. But with fewer people selling their homes, the four-legged troublemakers are going unchecked.

"They can cause serious damage," he said.

Evans said his business is booming, with people finding out the hard way that they have visitors in the attic.

It pays well, too. Fixing a hole can cost between $5 and $350 per hole.

"If you don't notice it right away, it'll probably be a big expense that first time," Evans said. "But when you find them and get them sealed and done and have another one, it's not that expensive."

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