Credit Card Theft Victim Helps Police Make Arrest

Police said quick action by a victim of credit card theft helped them make an arrest in the case.

Brad Bailey helped officers track down Semmie Isaiah Williams, 36, at a Motel 6 in Lewisville after he discovered suspicious charges on his credit card.

"We are very careful people," his wife, Sarah Bailey, said. "We do not give out our credit card number."

Their bank contacted the Baileys about charges on their card to a nearby Romeo's pizza, a pizza parlor Sarah Bailey said the couple had never been to.

Brad Bailey took a police officer and confronted the managers at Romeo's.

"The police officer was able to get more information out of them to find out where the criminals were staying," his wife said.

The information led police to a Motel 6 at Lake Pointe Drive and Interstate 35E. Investigators reportedly found altered gift cards and fake credit cards.

"We have about six victims we have numbers associated with, so we're in the process of tracking those victims down right now," said Lewisville police Capt. Kevin Deaver.

Williams faces at least one count of credit card abuse.

Deaver said police are also looking for a possible female accomplice and a 50-year old ex-con in connection with the credit card thefts.

Sarah Bailey said she is proud of how her husband took command.

"I was surprised that he was able to take matters into his own hands and solve the problem," she said.

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