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Credit Bureau Changes May Increase Your Score Just a Few Points

Some long-anticipated changes for credit bureaus are set to begin this month, but the changes alone may not be enough to have a serious impact on your credit rating.

The new scoring systems eliminate some public records and civil judgments, which could impact young score.

If the records are properly verified there was no change.

Some people were surprised to see their score improve only by five or 10 points.

Those bumps are really helpful if you're right on the line between one credit range and another.

In the right scenario with a lot of unverified judgments you can improve your score by 40 to 50 points.

The big changes just don't impact the vast majority of us.

Financial planners say if you pair up the bump from the credit bureau with a little bit of work on your own, the results can be significant.

Financial adviser Ryan Fuchs has some tips for how to tackle credit card debt.

"Attacking the small debts first, even if it means paying higher interest over time, because psychologically if you can get some of those paid off you're more likely to continue the plan over time," Fuchs said.

If you see the score rising it can be a good motivation to keep up the positive behavior.

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