Cracks in New McKinney Stadium Could Delay or Cancel the Number of Football, Soccer Games Played There

District says games scheduled for new stadium could be played at existing stadium while repairs are made

Cracking in the concrete at the McKinney Independent School District's new stadium could impact the number of football or soccer games played at the new facility this season.

McKinney ISD received an update Tuesday on the cracks found in its new $70 million stadium.

Jason Bird, CFO for the district, told the school board it will be about six weeks to complete all investigative reports and that no repairs will begin before then.

Still, the board looked at seven different timelines for repairs Tuesday. All but one of the proposals cancels or shortens the football or soccer seasons for the 2018-2019 season at the new stadium.

The option that doesn't impact either would delay repairs until after the soccer season ends in 2019, which could still impact football games played at the stadium during the 2019 season.

While the new stadium is repaired the soccer and football teams could still play games at the district's current stadium.

"We need to find a way to play soccer & football this year. I think the rest of the board would agree that our community has invested heavily in this stadium. We've got seniors in high school that we’d love to have use this facility," said Curtis Rippee, McKinney ISD School Board President.

There will not be a board meeting in July so we do not expect any update until August.

NBC 5 will continue to follow any new developments.

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