Larry Collins

Cracking the Code of Sleep Issues

Many people are still trying to get back on track after losing an hour of sleep because of daylight saving time. If you are a new parent, have a stressful job or suffer from insomnia, that lost time can throw everything out of whack.

If you find yourself struggling to sleep you are not alone. An estimated 50 to 70 million adults have sleep disorders. We checked in with mattress retailer Sleep City in Lewisville in an effort to crack the code to find a good night’s sleep.

District manager Daniel Schaeffer said people often comes to them desperate for solutions. Some of them having not had a restful night of sleep in years.

Shaeffer reminds that you mattress should fit your needs. It’s not always every size fits all and adjustable mattresses can make a world of difference.

"It gives you a nice soothing massage where the white noise helps you go to sleep quicker [and] also helps with circulation issues and things like that in your feet, your upper body [and] your lower back," Schaeffer said.

He reminds that pillows are important and should not be overlooked. He showed us one that helps to regulate temperature.

"Especially women, they go through menopause and most people like to sleep in a cooler temperature. [These] pillows have a phase-change material that was developed by NASA in the 1950s because of temperature fluctuations in outer space,” Schaeffer said. “It takes heat away from the body and stores it to help you sleep cooler."

There are also apps that can help you get sleep.

Apple’s 2017 App of the Year “Calm” plays soothing sounds, meditations and even sleep-inducing stories. Another popular app is the “Shleep” which coaches you to change your sleep patterns. Both of those apps have a monthly cost.

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