Coyote Trapped, Removed in Frisco Will Be Tested

Frisco police have trapped and removed a coyote from an area where attacks on people have been reported in recent days, but officials are unsure if it's the one blamed for a recent string of attacks on people.

Officials said an animal was removed with the assistance of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and sent for testing but that they are not certain the animal removed is the same one responsible for the attacks.

"In an effort to keep our residents and the media informed, the Frisco Police Department is releasing the following information covering events over the last 24 hours," police said in a statement. "With the continued assistance of and consulting by Texas Parks and Wildlife, a coyote possibly linked to the earlier incidents was removed from the affected area and sent for testing. While it cannot be said definitively that this is the animal responsible, it is believed to likely be related."

On Monday, an aggressive coyote attacked two women on a jog in Frisco. The attack was the fifth coyote incident along the same two-mile stretch of Eldorado Parkway, west of Granbury Drive, since October.

The women told NBC 5 their bite marks could have been worse if not for a good Samaritan, Michael Harvey, who stopped and allowed them into his car. When the coyote didn't move, he drove them to a safe location.

"The coyote was sitting there, like he was waiting for us to get back out," Harvey said.

Sheri Devore, one of the two joggers attacked Monday, said her injuries were minor. Her friend Marcia Foster had several puncture wounds that required a rabies shot. Both are now out of the hospital and hoping others heed the warning from police to avoid the area along Eldorado, where the coyote seems to live.

Coyote attacks on people are incredibly rare and official believe the attacks are being caused by one animal behaving abnormally.

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