Coyote Caught on Camera Stealing Candy While House Cat Watches

A Frisco family's Nest camera helped them solve the mystery of the spilled candy bucket

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When John Classe had leftover Halloween candy he decided to share it with delivery drivers, so he left a bucket of candy outside his Frisco home.

Wednesday morning, Classe's daughter woke up and notice candy scattered across the front walkway and yard.

They immediately went to the Nest video to figure out what had happened. Classe shared the video with

At about 12:45 a.m., a coyote comes to raid the bucket of candy. The video shows the family cat Nala watching the candy raid through the glass of the front door.

Classe says the coyote ate all of the peanut M&Ms and left the wrappers.

The video shows the coyote making several passes at the bucket until something spooked it, and the coyote dragged the bucket out into the yard before running off.

Classe says since they put the candy out on Sunday they decided to check the video and saw the coyote on camera Sunday night too.

Classe says the candy bucket is back in the house.

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