Cowboys’ Winning Ways Inspire Fierce Fans

The Dallas Cowboys are back in the playoffs, and as the No. 1 NFC seed they are in the driver's seat with the road to the Super Bowl running right through AT&T Stadium.

Fierce fans couldn't resist getting their hands on limited-edition NFC East championship T-shirts at Academy Sports and Outdoors stores in North Texas on Friday.

"We had several people waiting. We had close to 15 to 20 people waiting," Shawn Jurik said.

Those fans explained the wait for the shirts was worth it because they finally have Cowboys success they've been waiting for.

"In the '90s, when I was growing up, that's when [the Cowboys] were hot. Now they are making a comeback," Geneva Armstrong said. "We haven't seen it in the long time."

Armstrong added that this generation of the Cowboys could be the gift that keeps giving for a while.

"I like that they have young players that are showing their talents and show that the Dallas Cowboys have still got it," she added.

Die-hard fans are excited that their patience may have paid off.

"I think it is a combination of the winning, because we are all excited about the possibilities," Jurik said. "I think it is also about the charisma the team has together and how great their chemistry is."

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