Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Give Back to Community Through Charity, Volunteerism

The Dallas Cowboys took some time off from preparing for the New York Giants by giving back to the community.

Fresh from clinching a playoff berth, Cowboys players visited local hospitals and spent part of the morning with children and their families.

“It's always unbelievable to come to the hospital and be huge heroes, you know to these kids and also those kids [become] heroes to us,” Dez Bryant said.

"The players are very fortunate to do what they do and also have the opportunity to use that platform to give back to various charities whether it is their own or something through our team effort,” Cowboys spokeswoman Emily Cruz Robbins added.

Many of the players have their own personal charities and the organization gives back as a whole.

“That's within our hearts," Bryant said. "It's just something that we feel that we should do and you know we enjoy it and when the opportunity presents itself, we take advantage of it."

The Cowboys work with the Salvation Army every year to raise money for those in need.

“We have helped raise, in 20 years, over $2.1 billion in the red kettles that we kick off at Thanksgiving,” Cruz Robbins said. “That's just one part of what we do."

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