Cowboys Fans Remember Tony Romo’s Legacy

With Tony Romo’s forthcoming release from the Dallas Cowboys looming, many fans are taking time to remember what he has meant to the team and North Texas.

“He’s been a great ambassador for the Cowboys,” Tom Melesky said. “He’s been a great ambassador for Dallas and he’s been just an all-around stand up guy.”

After 14 seasons, No. 9 is moving on and many wonder where he will end up.

“I guess it is inevitable at this point is his career he is going to move on like so many others have and do the last couple of years somewhere else,” Melesky said. “Hopefully he will come back to Dallas and retire on a one-day deal as a Dallas Cowboy.”

“I do think Tony is great, but I do think it is time for him to move along,” Bo Joplin said. “I think that we have a killer team and I think that Tony’s been wonderful for so long, but we have Dak [Prescott].”

Romo was more than just a leader on the field, but also in the community. He had a charitable heart and visited sick children at local hospitals.

“When Tony Romo walks in the room introducing himself and meeting all these patients and families, it brightens their day,” Amanda Ammons at Children’s Health said. “It brings them joy, laughter [and] excitement. It's so important to their overall well-being in coping with being here."

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