Cowboys Fans Make Plans For Sunday

Dallas Cowboys’ fans are already selecting their seats for Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

“The seats have been chosen," said Barry Petrie of Dallas. “And we’re going to be right here at Milo’s. It’s going to be pandemonium down here, but we’re ready."

A neighborhood institution near SMU since 1971, Milo Butterfinger’s expects to be packed.

“I’m going to try to get in front of the biggest TV, so I’ll probably be parked over there somewhere if I get here early enough," said Bruce Vincent of Dallas. "If you don’t get here early enough, you’re not going to get a seat."

“Everybody wants to be around a lot of people on a big game like this," said Tommy Donahue, who manages the bar at Milo Butterfinger’s. "You can be home during a regular season game and it’s another win or another lose, but a playoff game is live or die and everyone wants to around their friends for that."

Several thousand seats remain available at AT&T Stadium, but prices have nearly doubled since the Packers won Sunday to face the Cowboys in Arlington.

Just one seat on the Cowboys side near the 50 yard line is now going for nearly $4,000.

“Everybody’s excited to see the Cowboys, of course, but the last time the Packers were here, it was a Super Bowl. It was iced over and the place was full of Cheeseheads,” said Lane Wendorf at

Many fans will pass on seats at the stadium and settle into one at their favorite neighborhood bar.

“I’d rather watch it here because beer’s a lot cheaper and food is cheaper, and I like the atmosphere,” said Spike Davis of Dallas, who is claiming the corner seat at Milo’s bar.

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