Cowboys Fans Left in Dark by DISH Network/CBS Dispute

The Dallas Cowboys and Thanksgiving holiday are tradition. This year, that tradition was sidelined for some fans who are DISH Network customers.

DISH and CBS reached an impasse on a service agreement and DISH subscribes were unable to watch Thursday afternoon's football game.[[459650663,R]]

"We left our family at 3:15 p.m. to come here to watch the game," said Debbie Smith, a DISH customer who cut Thanksgiving dinner short to watch the Cowboys at Woody's Tavern in Fort Worth. "We kinda kicked 'em all out, except my husband. He lives there." 

"We planned the whole dinner around the Cowboy game," said Woody's Tavern owner Rich Gee remembering his yearly tradition. "So I can only imagine it being a little shocking when you turn it on an you're like, we don't get that today."

Gee said he'd been getting calls from his customers wanting to make sure he was able to get the Cowboys game. That's when he realized some people were unable to watch it at home.

"I hear they canceled it on Thanksgiving," said Gee. "One of the most traditional games of the year."

The service impasse impacts about three million DISH customers in 26 states.

"They both make plenty of money," said Smith. "Get over it. Pay whatever you have to pay and don't keep taking channels away." 

Smith watched her beloved Cowboys lose, but it was better than losing her Thanksgiving tradition.

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