Cowboys Fans Get Pumped Up at Rally Day at AT&T Stadium

The big game is on Sunday, but AT&T Stadium was the place to be for Cowboys fans on Saturday.

North Texans are making their whole weekend about the Dallas Cowboys, starting with a big playoff party Saturday in Arlington, where some young fans had a day of dreams come true.

Stepping out onto the field at AT&T Stadium for the first time is a huge deal, especially for young fans looking to earn their spot on the starting lineup.

To make the big plays on the gridiron, you've gotta have vision. Playing with his young nephews on the field where the Cowboys play, 14-year-old Rocky Sandoval could see it all.

"Just playing the game is fun,” Sandoval said. “I just love playing the game of football and being a quarterback. I just love the game."

There's no better place to play it than AT&T Stadium. Fans packed onto the field from all over the country for Rally Day, pumping up America's Team before their divisional playoff bout against the Green Bay Packers.

"America's Team means no show offs, they're just a regular team that does good and well," said 10-year-old Christopher Conejl.

That’s something he wants to be a part of.

"My dream is to become a linebacker for the Cowboys," Christopher said.

Another potential teammate of the future was on the field, too.

"I think there should be a girl kicker at least," said 11-year-old Haley Petrack.

She played out her dreams Saturday, on the same ground where her heroes, Zeke and Dak, have made it look like so much fun.

"They talk like a kid like me still," Petrack said.

It's relatable inspiration for kids who are shooting for the Stars. 

"Not only boys have to play football and that girls can do the same too,” said Petrack. “Girls can change the world."

Kickoff for the game is 3:40 PM on Sunday.

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