Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys fans are already excited for the season to start

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All you have to do is look around AT&T Stadium and you will see signs that a Cowboys fan lives near.

Mark Shenefield, known as Tattoo Mark, is a diehard Cowboys fan.

"I got 22 players tattooed on my body with their autographs," Shenefield said.

But he was even excited for other teams to start playing for Thursday Night Football.

"When you have a guy, Mahomes kicking off, man Detroit better watch out because he's hard to beat," Schenefield said.

But his heart and skin belong to the boys.

"The way I say I'm dedicated is because anytime you tattoo your body, you are dedicating your body to somebody and I dedicated it to the Dallas Cowboys," Schenefield said.

He is not alone in his love for the Cowboys. According to StubHub, for the 2023 season ticket sales, so far the Cowboys are the second most in-demand NFL team.

"They continue to be one of our consistent teams in our top-demand lists,” StubHub spokesperson Adam Budelli said. “This year number two, but they've never not been first or second. They've obviously sold more tickets than any other team."

When it comes to top-in-demand NFL games, the Cowboys take three spots in the top 10. The Cowboys' home-opener against the Jets is number six.

"Total sales for this coming season for the Cowboys specifically are already surpassing what we saw last year during the same period of 2022 by 34%,” Budelli said. “So clearly demand is up over last year."

The demand is rising and that's no surprise to true fans.

"No because we are America's team baby,” Shenefield said. “Everybody knows who we are."

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