Cowboys ‘Color Rush’ Uniform Unveiled


Nike unveiled the Cowboys' Color Rush uniforms Thursday, which they'll wear in their Week 12 game against the Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving Day.

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This season, eight NFL teams were scheduled to wear Nike Color Rush uniforms, which are saturated head-to-toe by one of each team’s current or historic primary colors and are worn exclusively during Thursday Night Football games.

Social media was abuzz during the first two games featuring Color Rush uniforms — the Jets-Bills game Nov. 12 and Thursday night's Jaguars-Titans game — and some Cowboys fans were concerned about their team's look.

The fourth Color Rush game features the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and St. Louis Rams in their Week 15 matchup Dec. 17. Their uniforms will be unveiled Dec. 10.

All teams will wear a Color Rush uniform in 2016.

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