Cowboys and Albertsons-Tom Thumb Block Out Hunger

The Dallas Cowboys are teaming up with Albertsons and Tom Thumb to help block out hunger.

Pro Bowl linemen Travis Frederick and Zack Martin, along with running back Alfred Morris, participated in the Supermarket Sweeps event Tuesday.

Each had two minutes to fill their shopping carts with as much food as they could. All items selected will be donated to the Tarrant Area Food Bank and will assist families who are in need just in time for Christmas.

"In my time here in Dallas I've seen some of the hunger issues that are here. And for a child to go to school hungry and not have an opportunity to be at his full potential or learn, how are our kids going to start and become full adults if they can't even have food? So to me it makes a lot of sense to focus our efforts on the kids and making sure they can get full meals," Frederick said.

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