Cowboys Address Concert Complaints

The new Cowboys Stadium opened with an all-star country line up, but some fans said it didn't sound like it.

Many fans complained that the acoustics inside the giant stadium distorted the music of some of their favorite artists. The Cowboys Organization said they are addressing the issue with their sound engineer.

"We'll work closely with each show or concert and their staff to make it's the best possible experience possible," said Brett Daniels, spokesman for the Cowboys.

Fans also complained they had to wait in line for more than 20 minutes only to find out there was a shortage of hot dogs, beer, straws and change at various concession stands.

"We were trying to get the construction workers out and get the building cleaned up and that just prevented us from getting food stocked as we'd like, but it's not a long term issue," said Daniels.

The Cowboys organization said there were more than 2000 employees on hand including concession stand workers, ushers and several concierge, but many were new employees working with new equipment, which made for long lines at food and beer stands and ATMs.

Some fans were shocked at the $40 price tag to park on the stadium premises, others complained about the $13 price tag for a sandwich and didn't want to spend $5 for a bottle of water.

"We have more food options here than at Texas Stadium but the pricing is comparable to what we had at Texas Stadium," Daniels said.

Concert attendees said getting in and out of Arlington was relatively easy compared to getting around inside the giant stadium, but many felt it was confusing.

"What we tried to do was design a system where people enter through a specific gate. Those gates are the gates closest to their seats," Daniels explained. "(So) they could navigate on the outside. At Texas Stadium everybody could go in any entrance they wanted to."

The Cowboys said it will all just take a little getting used to.  The stadium cost more than $1 billion to build, and the Cowboys are still working out the kinks.

"We also know we are going to have to learn as we go," Daniels said.

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