Cowboy Hat Owner Has Lifelong Obama Memory

Perhaps the most memorable moment from President Barack Obama's visit to Dallas last weekend was when the president tried on a cowboy hat at Gilley's.

The hat belongs to David Espinosa, of Grand Prairie, who offered it to Obama. The hat was a size too small for Obama, so he handed it back - giving Espinosa a lifelong memory.

"It was just a moment that I'll never forget," said Espinosa, a Grand Prairie Independent School District board member. "Once in a lifetime, priceless moment."

At Saturday's rally at Gilley's, Obama reminisced on the stage about losing a hat given to him years before.

"Spontaneously, I got up and I took off my hat and I handed it to him," said Espinosa.

"No, man, that looks good on you, brother," Obama remarked. "When I come down to shake hands I may see if it fits."

Sure enough, that's just what the president did.

"He grabbed it, and he put it on he said it's too small," said Espinosa. "And then when he gave it back I said, 'Well you can have it.' He goes, 'No, it looks better on you,' and he gave it back."

Now, Espinosa says he walks with more confidence wearing the hat – a black felt Justin, size 6 7/8 inches.

"It'll be put up in a safe place," said Espinosa. "My mother wants it, she wants to put it up in a case."

Espinosa, who bought the hat less than a year ago in Fort Worth, now wants to go to the White House and give the president one that fits.

"That would be awesome," said Espinosa.

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