Courtesy Patrol to the Rescue When Summer Heat is Tough on Cars

A record number of people are expected to travel over the 4th of July holiday weekend. AAA estimated 43 million will travel.

The majority of them will hit the road and when they do, the Dallas County Courtesy Patrol is there to help.

"It feels good to help somebody," said Courtesy Patrol driver Paul Parchem.

He and Julio Jaramillo travel Dallas County highways looking for drivers in distress.

They're like guardian angels and Batman, rolled into one.

"It kind of feels that way," said Jaramillo. "Because you're coming in and saving the day."

They do it at no charge. 

NBC 5 rode along Friday evening as the pair stopped to check on abandoned cars, overheated vehicles and even stopped to change a tire blowout.

"People don't realize the concrete gets so hot," Parchem said. "Those tires blow out!"

They said a little basic vehicle maintenance goes a long way to safer driving. Checking tire tread and pressure are key.

They stopped to help one driver driver who was trying to change a flat on the side of the freeway. Ten minutes later, he was back on the road.

"Sometimes we can get them off the side of the road. Sometimes that's the next exit. Sometimes that's all the way home," explained Jaramillo. "Feels good."

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