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Courageous Kid: Jireh Campbell

With each note Jireh Campbell plays while inside his at-home studio...

Whether on his keyboard, or his guitar...

Is just as intentional as the lyrics he sings and when he combines them all...

"Here we go," said Campbell.

It's a one of kind harmony that defines this talented self taught musician.

"Whenever I'm going through something hard, that's one of the songs I really listen too.. and I hope it's the same way for everyone, when I release it, which is soon," said Campbell.

The song is called 'I'm not giving it up.'

Jireh wrote it, after getting the kidney transplant he had waited 18 months for.

"This road was very long, it was hard, it was rough," said Campbell.

His mother Sharonda remembers every moment, from the time Jireh was diagnosed with an incurable kidney disease at age 13, to each ambulance ride and procedure leading up to the transplant.

"There was plenty of times that I would have to turn my face and cry but he never once cried. He never once doubted that he was going to be okay," said Sharonda.

And Jireh says it's because he focused on his music.

Even while sick, he got noticed by some big names like Andy Grammer, and played alongside Chris Martin of Coldplay.

"The only reason god found me in music is the only reason I made it cause I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for them," said Campbell.

Jireh got a new kidney six months ago, and is excited about the future.

"I'm able to start playing basketball again, I'm able to get my ears pierced get my tattoo and I'm really excited about that," said Campbell.

But he's most excited about where his musical journey will take him, and the lives he hopes it will impact.

"If I can do anyting to lighten the load then I feel like I'm doing what I need to do," said Campbell.

Harmonies from the heart.. that heal the soul.

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