Couponing for a Cause

Woman challengers "couponers" work their magic on food-pantry donations

North Texas woman is on a mission to stock local food pantries, one coupon at a time.

Tina Klein brought in $500 worth of food to the Christian Care Center of Wylie on Thursday. With coupons, paid only $20.

"It's very important, because you're giving someone a free breakfast. A family that might not have cereal, they can have cereal," she said while sifting through a box of food she donated.

The donation included 35 toothpastes, about 40 deodorants, 45 noodle meals, canned goods and cereal.

Klein started clipping coupons in 2008 to stock her pantry.

She's now challenging other coupon-cutters to stock food pantries. She's asking 100 other couponers to buy $1,000 worth of goods, use coupons to bring the price down and donate the food to area food pantries.

"They would have to turn people away if there was more people doing this," Klein said.

So far, 20 people have signed up on her website.

Klein said she is hoping to to make a $100,000 donation in food.

She said she's also able to help because people have started donating their coupons.

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