Couple's Prized Pet Beagle Rescued in House Fire

Carrollton house is destroyed but worker saves dog

A worker who injured his arm jumping out of a burning house in Carrollton Wednesday, went back inside to rescue a family’s prized pet, a beagle named Miss Daisy.

"We love this dog," said homeowner John Gauthier. "That's the first thing we were concerned about. We can rebuild the house. We can't get the dog back."

Gauthier and his wife, Denise, were away when the blaze began.

But contractor Andy Martinez was working in the attic when he noticed the smoke.

Martinez called John Gauthier who then told his wife.

"He said, 'Don't freak out, but the house is on fire,'" she said. "I just wanted to know about the dog."

Martinez said the front door was locked, but the owner told him to kick it down.

With just two tries, he did.

Martinez said there was black smoke everywhere.

"About two feet was clear and the rest was all smoke,” Martinez said. “You couldn't see in the house."

But he did what firefighters never recommend and always warn is dangerous. He crawled into the burning house in search of the prized beagle.

"I didn't know the name at the time, but when I was calling it, I was like, 'Doggie, doggie, doggie,'" Martinez said.

As the Gauthiers rushed home, their thoughts were about their pet.

"It's like our little baby,” John Gauthier said.

The couple lost a cat about two weeks ago.

Martinez said the dog came to him and they both got out of the burning house with little time to spare.

"I think she was happy to get out of there, too,” he said. “Poor dog was shaking and ready to get out of there."

Soon the Gauthiers arrived home to find their house destroyed, but their dog safe.

“They came up and gave me a big hug and the owner said, 'Man, you just don't know, you know. I would have been devastated.'"

Gauthier said the fire may have started when other workers were using a torch to install a new window.

“I was thrilled,” Denise Gauthier said. “She’s OK.”

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