Couples Scramble After Wedding Venue Closes Several Locations

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A tearful bride-to-be and her angry fiance, Julie Joseph and Shawn Brooks, are less than two months away from their wedding day.

They rented space at Noah's Event Venue in Richardson earlier this year, but last week they received an email that said, "Due to an inability to reach an agreement with our landlord, NOAH'S of Richardson will permanently close on Aug. 5, 2019."

"Basically, I just had to find a new place to have the wedding," Joseph said. "I didn't even think this would be an issue that would come up."

The couple went into panic mode, and then, more bad news followed.

The couple said when they asked for a full refund of $5,800, Noah's Event Venue offered a partial refund of $2,800. That's less than half.

"I feel like the rug was just pulled out from underneath me," Joseph said. 

"I'm just sad to see the love of my life this distraught. It's upsetting," Brooks said.

They're not the only couple left scrambling to find a backup plan.

Noah's locations in Plano, Sugar Land and Auburn Hills, Michigan, will also close.

NBC 5 Responds has heard from brides in Louisville who said they were told that Noah's venue may close as well.

"Who thinks that their venue is going to close and they're not going to have a place to have their reception," Joseph said. "You've helped a lot of people and I just thought, 'It’s worth a shot.'"

In a statement, Noah's Event Venue said they were unable to reach agreements with the landlords and were removed as tenants at the closing locations.

The company said in part, "Our hearts are broken, as we wanted nothing more than to stay in this location and host events."

But court documents showed the business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May, leaving many couples with more questions than answers.

"We need that money back. Venues are not cheap and it's a big chunk of money. I feel like we've been kind of lied to this whole time," Joseph said.

The couple told me the company said it could host them at their Fort Worth location, which is still open, but the couple said they don't trust it. They just want their money back in full.

When I asked Noah's Event Venue if they could give them a full refund, their response was, they do not have an answer for the refund.

The couple booked with a credit card and said they planned to dispute the charge soon. 

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