State Fair of Texas: Couple Says ‘I Do' With Big Tex as the Witness

The couple made a vow to love for a lifetime that's as honored and traditional as the state fair.

A wedding is definitely something to celebrate -- and when the wedding happens at the State Fair of Texas with Big Tex as a witness, it's got to be something good.

"We're out here at Fair Park at 5 o'clock in the morning because I am lucky enough and blessed enough to marry this beautiful gorgeous woman who is in my life. I'm excited. It's crazy," said the groom Orlando Lewellen. 

"Me and Orlando met last January. We dated six months and got married on paper. We were trying to figure out how to do our wedding ceremony and were like, hey, let's do something diffferent," said bride Clarissa Lewellen.

They decided a ceremony at the State Fair of Texas fit all their needs. 

"We host pop ups. So we put it out, hey, we'll be at the State Fair this year, and we'd love to marry you there, and they decided this is what they wanted for their big day," said Jennifer Allen, the owner of wedding planning company Just Elope.

A pre-dawn wedding at the State Fair may not be every couple's dream, but Orlando and Clarissa Lewellen had what they wanted and needed.

She wore a custom white wedding gown and carried a bouquet made of pink cotton candy. Her wore a gray tux with a pink bow tie and pocket square to match.

The wedding cake featured layers of funnel cake.

Above all, the couple came with a vow to love that's as honored and traditional as the state fair.

"Let's just do it, why not? They say, when you know, you know, and I feel 100% I made the right choice," said Clarissa Lewellen. "I get to marry my best friend."

"It's exciting. Gets your heart pumping, your adrenaline going, keeps your love fresh. It's an amazing experience," beamed Orlando Lewellen.

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