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Couple Injured in Motorcycle Crash Ties Knot in Denton Hospital

A North Texas couple is proving that nothing can stand in the way of true love. Not even a serious motorcycle crash, which left them in a Denton hospital -- just days before they were supposed to be married.

It's been said that only in the darkness, can you see the stars. That's what Sarah Williams saw in Jamie Lawson.

"I knew the day we met each other, that was it," she said. "He was it for me."

The pair met two years ago. Both do work in prison ministry. In February, Jamie took Sarah to a restaurant, where he proposed.

"He went full cheesy, the dessert, with the 'will you marry me' -- it was great," she said. "Everything a girl could dream of, really."

The pair also bonded over a love for riding motorcycles. Parents of five children, they enjoy getting away occasionally, riding the open roads. Their bike also helps them bond with inmates to whom they’re ministering.

"That bike means a lot to us," said Sarah. "Our first date was on that bike."

Two weeks ago, while riding on FM 51 between Gainesville and Decatur, the pair were struck, head-on, by a car that crossed into their lane. Both were thrown from the bike, suffering serious injuries. They were airlifted to Medical City Denton. Jamie broke his leg. So did Sarah. She suffered seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

With a past that included jail time and addiction, the crash wasn't the couple’s first setback. They're not shy about discussing that part of their story. Through their latest test, they say they've emerged with a love – and a faith – that’s stronger now than ever.

"It makes us grow closer and closer every time, because we draw our strength off each other," said Jamie. "It makes us need each other more and more when we go through things like this."

While recovering in the hospital in rooms just down the hall from each other, Williams and Lawson knew they had a special date looming. June 9. The day the two were supposed to be married.

"We decided right then and there that we were going to get married," said Sarah. "No matter what. We had had enough."

So with both still in the hospital, this past weekend the hospital stepped up. In the cafeteria of Medical City Denton, with friends and family in attendance, Sarah and Jamie became Mr. and Mrs. Lawson.

"A lot of people will ask why do people go through things like this?" said Sarah of the accident. "Why does God allow that? This is why."

The Lawsons can't say enough good things about their treatment at the hospital, especially the help in arranging their wedding. In darkness – sometimes love, and light – shine brightest.

"There is goodness left. We're not going to allow darkness to keep us down," said Sarah. "We're married now, and the ministry goes on from here."

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