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Couple Impersonates Officers to Force Their Way into Fort Worth Home

The pair tackled the family's housekeeper and were only scared off by the family dogs

Fort Worth police are searching for a man and woman who posed as officers from the Nevada Gaming Commission to force their way into a home Monday afternoon.

It happened in the Woodhaven neighborhood of East Fort Worth. The pair tackled the family's housekeeper, sending her to the hospital and were only scared off by the family dogs.

Benny and Butch proved themselves to be fierce guard dogs when two strangers stepped into their home Monday afternoon.

"I came home to a bunch of police officers here, yellow tape up and everything," said homeowner Michael Riccubuono.

The family's housekeeper was coming back from the store around 2:00 p.m. when a man and woman approached her.

"They got out, they started walking up, and Janey had groceries, asking can I help you?" Riccubuono said, walking NBC 5 through the scene.

The pair followed her into the garage. They were wearing badges and told her they were with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

"Right when she gets to the door, they say you're under arrest and just grab her,” Riccubuono said. “As soon as she opens the door, right here and pulls them in and they tackle here where she's right there," said Riccubuono.

Riccubuono's wife was doing yoga in the back yard and ran in when she heard screams.

"She sees Janey lying on the floor with this guy on top of her, so she immediately turns around and runs out,” Riccubuono said.“But Benny and Butch attack the guy and chase him and that woman out the door."

Fort Worth police say the man and woman were impersonating officers and likely targeted the home, because Riccubuono sells slot machines to casinos around the world.

"What are the chances that they used the word Nevada Gaming Commission not knowing that I'm in the slot machine business?" Riccubuono said. "I think they just wanted to get into the house to rob us what they think that we might have money here or something like that."

He's left feeling violated.

"I'm like angry and want to do something about it and feel helpless at the same time,” Riccubuono said. “I don't like feeling that way."

But he’s also grateful to his two best friends.

“He was the big hero,” Riccubuono said while giving Benny and Butch some well-deserved pats.

There is very good surveillance video from the family's home cameras but police are not ready to share it publicly.

The suspects appear to be an Asian man and woman who drove off in a red-four door sedan that looks like a Nissan Sentra. Anyone with information should call Fort Worth Police at: 817-392-4222.

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